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Use Case Methods

Duration: Half-day

Target Audience: Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Systems Liaison Staff, Software Quality Assurance staff

'Use cases' became widely known through Object-Oriented methodologies in the early 90's. Yet the actual technique of documenting user scenarios has been known to successful developers for decades. Use Cases provides a structured method to elicit business requirements, and is widely used in JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions because it is both user- and task-centric. Understanding of use case documentation speeds overall requirements development, prevents defects at the earliest stages, provides traceability, supports prioritization efforts, reduces test cycle time, identifies opportunities for reuse, sets up successful outsourcing and improves quality delivery.

This course helps the student improve requirements documentation skills through exercises with use cases and user class types. Students will learn how to use the Use Case Methodology as a tool to drive requirements elicitation, documentation, testing, and training. We will work examples to ensure students are proficient in the methodology.


Why we need better requirements

Use Case Vocabulary

How to elicit requirements using Use Case Methods

How to drive development via the Use Cases

Prerequisites: Familiarity with software development


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