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Introduction to Storyboarding


Duration: 1-day

PDU Credits: 7.0

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to learn the skills necessary to get the most mileage out of critical meetings.

Meetings are a major consumer of time and energy in businesses, and in trade, professional, civic, social, and church organizations.  Time and energy cost money.  A conservative estimate for the 'direct cost' of a business meeting today is about $50/hour, per attendee. Then, there are the 'opportunity costs'. the value of what could have been accomplished, had time not been devoted to the meeting.  In light of this state of affairs, how could we argue against anything that would make meetings 'work' more intuitively.the way our minds work? 

StoryBoarding is a technique used to organize and visually display information.  It was developed at Walt Disney Studios and was originally used for cartoon production.  It was soon applied to a host of other media.  This course will give you a fundamental understanding of Storyboarding conventions and practice, so that participants can confidently and effectively engage in, or lead, meetings.

After an introduction to the value of consensus, the evolution of group processes such as autocracy, democracy, consensus, global culture, and natural law are discussed.  This will lead to an introduction to the linear and process views of the Compression Meeting Model.  After covering the meeting roles and rules of conduct, a series of handouts will be provided which include a list of supplies for constructing a StoryBoard template, a meeting outline form and a meeting cornerstones guide.  The workshop concludes with an exercise where all participants will get a chance to act as a facilitator and formulate primary and alternative responses to randomly selected scenarios.  

What You will learn:

Students will:

  • Understand that meetings have a very real cost, and the recovery of value from them is a must

  • Gain an awareness of the importance of productive group interactions

  • Learn about the evolution of the major groups processes

  • See how StoryBoarding can be used to coax the best possible outcomes from a meeting

Course Overview: 

The Value of Meetings

  • Reliving Your Personal Experiences with Meetings

  • Premises and Definitions Regarding Meetings

  • The Role of Consensus in Productive Meetings

  The Mechanics of Meetings  

  • The Roots of Group Processes (Meetings)

  • Flow of Though and Energy During a Meeting

  • Best Practices for Meetings

  Best Practices and StoryBoarding

  • StoryBoarding Embodies Best Meeting Practices

  • Virtues of StoryBoarding

  • StoryBoarding Applications

  Roles and Rules

  • Key Roles in a StoryBoard Facilitated Meeting

  • Sanctioner

  • Facilitator

  • Stakeholders

  • Scribe(s)

  • Rules for Conduct

  Nuts and Bolts of the Format

  • Graphical Layout of the Basic Storyboard Templates

  • Major Headers of the StoryBoard Template and their Meanings

  Pitfalls of Group Processes

  • Pitfalls that are Part of the "Institution" of Group Processes

  • Pitfalls You May Have Brought to the Table

  Using a Trained Facilitator

  • "Trained Facilitator" Defined and Profiled

  • Case for Trained Facilitation

  • Specific Activities of the Trained Facilitator

Facilitator Exercise



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