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Function Point Analysis Overview
Becoming Familiar with Function Points

This course is offered at client sites.

Duration: Half-day

Target Audience: Development managers and project team members with exposure to function points or interested in the high level picture.

Description: This course provides a high level overview of function points and their role in software development and the software measurements program. The function point counting process is presented and a description and examples of each of the function point components is provided.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction (What is a function point)
  • Software Measurements & Function Points (challenges/solutions, measurement cycle, objectives of function points)
  • The Function Point Analysis Process (The Five counting steps: determine type of count, identify count scope/boundary, determine unadjusted function points, compute value adjustment factor)
  • Counting Development Project Function Points (Counting Internal Logical Files, External Interface Files, External Inputs, External Outputs, and External Inquires)
  • Counting Enhancement Project Function Points (Difference with development project counts, examples)
  • Course Review

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of software development


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