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Function Point Analysis (1-day) Workshop
A key ingredient in implementing a successful software measurements Program

Duration: One Day

Target Audience: Project team members involved in function point counting but not leading the counts

The software development industry is one of the few industries that does not consistently measure and analyze the unit cost of producing software. This also hinders the industry’s ability to accurately and consistently estimate the cost and effort for producing software.

Until the introduction of function points, there was no software unit of measure that is independent of technology and implementation and can be applied consistently across the software industry. Source Lines of Code was the dominant unit of measure but it does not allow for meaningful comparisons with industry benchmarks since it is very dependent on technology and technique used for implementation.

If your organization is involved in software process improvement activities and is interested in learning more about how to count function points, then we highly recommend that you or someone in your organization attend this hands-on function point training. This course is offered publicly and can be also offered at your company's site. For more information on other function point courses please visit the FP Training page.


Module 1 - Introduction
• Workshop Agenda & Handouts
• Objectives
Module 2 - Software Measurements & Function Points
• Challenges facing the software Industry
• How Measurements can help overcome the challenges
• Description of software measurement programs
• The role Function Points play in measurements
• Why Function Points are a good measure of size
Module 3 - Function Point Analysis Process
• Five steps of conducting a function point count
• Types of Function Point counts
• Determining the application boundary
• Five types of functions counted
• Adjusting the function point count
Module 4 - Counting Development Project Function Points
• Rules for counting each type of function
• Determining the complexity of functions counted
• Using forms for counting function points
• Hands-on exercises for each function type
Module 5 - Counting Enhancement Project Function Points
• Activities counted in enhancement Projects
• Process for counting enhancement projects
• Updating Application counts after enhancements


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