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Function Point Analysis (2-day) Workshop
A key ingredient in implementing a successful software measurements Program

This course is offered at client sites.

Duration: Two Day

Target Audience: Project team members leading the function point counts

The two-day course is directed at the software professional who plans to conduct function point counts. Since function point analysis is a skill that develops with time and practice, taking this course would be the first step a person would take on the journey of mastering the function point analysis process. The two-day course includes all the material taught in the one-day course, additional function point counting hints, plus a large, involved case study which gives the attendees extensive experience in counting numerous types of situations using a GUI-based application.


Module 1 - Introduction
• Workshop Agenda & Handouts
• Objectives
Module 2 - Software Measurements & Function Points
• Challenges facing the software Industry
• How Measurements can help overcome the challenges
• Description of software measurement programs
• The role Function Points play in measurements
• Why Function Points are a good measure of size
Module 3 - Function Point Analysis Process
• Five steps of conducting a function point count
• Types of Function Point counts
• Determining the application boundary
• Five types of functions counted
• Adjusting the function point count
Module 4 - Counting Development Project Function Points
• Rules for counting each type of function
• Determining the complexity of functions counted
• Using forms for counting function points
• Hands-on exercises for each function type
Module 5 - Counting Enhancement Project Function Points
• Activities counted in enhancement Projects
• Process for counting enhancement projects
• Updating Application counts after enhancements
Module 6 - Travel Reservation System Case Study
• Hands on experience of counting an entire system with different types of functions
Module 7 - Closing Remarks and Other Examples


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