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Avoiding The Software Outsourcing ‘Tarpits’ Workshop
Strategies for successful vendor management

This course is available at client cites.

Duration: Half-day

Target Audience: Business and systems managers who are interested in outsourcing software development.

More and more companies are outsourcing some or all of their software development efforts to a software development contractor (vendor). This simple statement raises all sorts of business, management, and technical issues, which must be properly handled to avoid disasters.

This talk examines the sub-contracting KPA first and foremost from the business perspective and, to a much lesser extent, from the CMM model perspective.  It provides a brief overview of the state of software outsourcing as of 2002. 

Objectives: The objective is to raise the appropriate questions, not provide all the answers, in order to avoid the typical outsourcing problems or 'tarpits'.

• Outsourcing - PROs & CONs
• Outsourcing decisions in which software people must get involved
• The development pie, the SEI, and the SSM KPA
• Interpreting the ‘DoD-flavored’ SW-CMM for commercial companies
• Overcoming internal obstacles to success
• Vendor (subcontractor) evaluation and selection
• Contract definition (to avoid later problems)
• Managing to improve the "odds".
• Technical and management interfaces
• Vendor maturity and oversight implications
• The view from the other side
• The CMMI view point
• Personnel considerations
• The win-win mentality, and avoiding the ‘tarpits’

Prerequisites: None


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