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Software Risk Management Overview
Looking for Trouble ............ Before it Starts
Software Risk is Business Risk!

Duration: Half-day

Target Audience: Project Managers, Systems Liaison Staff, Software Quality Assurance staff, Business Analysts, Senior Management .

This half day workshop for IT managers will introduce them to more effective risk management strategies.   They will learn to sensibly accept the reality of risk, and identify the likely risks for each significant project. Analysis of the risks includes: quantifying the likely impact if the risk actually occurs (as well it might). Management and the Risk Management team then prioritize the highest priority risks, and develop strategies to reduce the risk to the project. Each risk mitigation activity is tracked for its progress in actually reducing the risk. In addition, the environment is monitored to identify the actual occurrence of each potential risk, or the transformation of the nature of the risk, or the emergence of "new" risks .

• What is the Nature of Software Risk?
• The Top 10 Risks
• What is Risk Management?
• Developing a Risk Management Policy and Process
• Risk Management Approaches
• Risk Management Options
• Tracking Potential Risks
• Organizing for Risk Management
• The SEI Taxonomy
• Examples of Risk Leverage
• Management Next Steps
• Summary

Prerequisites: Familiarity with software development


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