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Software Project Risk Management

Duration: One-day

Target Audience: Project Managers, Functional Managers, Team Leads, Technical Leads

Every step of a Software Development Project has inherent risk.  Changing requirements, insufficient resources, ridiculous schedule, personnel turnover, external dependencies, new application domains or inability to recruit appropriate personnel are all too familiar examples.   

This course will equip you  to manage risks on your projects.  It introduces you to the purpose of risk management, standard risk management definitions, and methods for identifying, qualifying, quantifying, and controlling risk.  A comprehensive set of project risks are addressed:  business, budget, project, schedule, and technical, including software risks.   You will obtain practice applying what they learn in class and will return to the workplace with hands-on skills and templates.

Course Overview:


  • What is Risk?

  • Why Manage Risk

  • Risk Management Objectives

  • Risk Management in the project life cycle

 Risk Management Planning

  • Why Plan for Risk Management?

  • Risk Management Planning Process

  • Stakeholder risk tolerances

  • Risk Management Plan template

  • Risk Management Plan Template Exercise

 Risk Identification

  • Risk Identification Process

  • Categories of Risk

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Document Risks

  • Risk Identification Exercise

Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Qualitative Risk Analysis Process

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Risk Prioritization

  • Document Results

  • Probability and Impact of Risk Exercise

 Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis Process

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Risk Prioritization

  • Document Results

 Risk Response Planning

  • Risk Response Planning Process

  • Determining Risk Response Strategies

  • Avoidance

  • Transference

  • Acceptance

  • Mitigation

  • Document Results

  • Responses to Risks Exercise

 Risk Monitoring and Control

  • Risk Monitoring and Control Process

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Reassess Risk

  • Document Results


Prerequisites: Familiarity with software development


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