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Lessons Learned & Post-Implementation Review

This course is taught at client sites.

Duration: Half-day

Everyone is aware that Post Implementation Reviews are necessary to help us learn from our mistakes, but they are rarely done on a regular basis, and if they are, they aren't done in a formal way. 

This workshop will demonstrate how important it is for the organization to review the successes and learning experiences of a project before beginning the next project.  Participants will learn how to put together an action plan for preventing the same error from happening in the future.  Two case studies will be used to illustrate the dos and don'ts of PIRs.

Who Should Attend:

  •  Project Managers

  • Lead Software Designers and Developers

  • Applications Managers

  • Lead Testers

  • Business Analysts

What You will learn:
Students will:

  • See the purpose of a Post Implementation Review (PIR) and the pros and cons of conducting formal reviews

  • Learn about the different perspectives and data should be represented in a PIR

  • Understand the challenges of conducting an effective PIR

  • Gain practical experience using templates and tools

Course Outline:

What is a PIR?

  • PIR Definition - What is it?

  • PIR Objectives - Why do we bother?

  • PIR Challenges - Murphy's Law!  

What's Involved in a PIR?

  • PIR Phases

  • PIR Activities

  • Planning Template Exercise

When Do We Conduct a PIR?

  • Ideal Timing for a PIR

  • Scheduling PIR Activities Exercise

How Can We Conduct a PIR?

  • PIR Methods

  • Asking the Right Questions Exercise (Case Study #1)

Who Participates in a PIR?

  • PIR Roles and Responsibilities

  • Gearing up for a PIR Meeting Exercise (Case Study #2)

What Do We Do with a PIR?

  • Record the Results

  • Report the Results



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