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Defect Causal Analysis


Target Audience: Project Managers, Lead Software Designers & Developers, Applications managers, Lead Testers

This half-day, practitioner-level workshop will define Defect Causal Analysis and show how it fits into a continuous improvement model. It will also show the student how to use a Defect Matrix and calculate overall, and per-phase, Defect Removal Efficiency.

Once the problem areas are known, Pareto Charts and Ishikawa Diagrams can be used to focus an organization's efforts towards finding the "root causes" of problems.  Upon identification, a Countermeasures Matrix can be used to prioritize efforts by evaluation potential solutions for feasibility and effectiveness.

The class finishes up with an introduction to an advanced methodology, Orthogonal Defect Classification, which will provide students with a sample of advanced techniques.


Defect Causal Analysis and Defect Removal Efficiency

 - DCA and a continuous improvement model

 - Where to find the data

 - Defect Matrix and DRE


Techniques for determining the source

 - Pareto Analysis

 - Ishikawa Cause and Effect diagrams

 - Countermeasures Matrix Analysis


Orthogonal Defect Classification

 - Classification Scheme

 - Real World Examples


Prerequisites:  Inspections QU-114


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