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Project Monitoring & Control

Duration: 1-day

Target Audience: Project Managers

This is a one-day course for the practicing Project Manager who is interested in developing or improving skills for project monitoring and control. Emphasis is placed on analytical skills, especially quantitative skills for earned value.

What You Will Learn:

Upon completion of this course, the project manager should understand how to:

  • Discuss Project Monitoring and Control

  • Develop and Manage an Effective Monitoring and Control Plan

  • Use Earned Value Techniques to Evaluate Project Progress

  • Create and Implement an Effective Control Plan

  • Manage Project Scope and Project Performance

Course Outline:

 Project Monitoring

  • Plan - Monitor - Control Cycle

  • Monitoring and Controlling Processes

  • Project Monitoring     

  • Project Communications Management

  • Information Distribution

  • Performance Reporting

  • Project Management Software

  • Summary

  • Review Questions

 Project Control

  • The Control Function

  • Control Objectives

  • Project Change Control

  • Configuration Management

  • Performance Control

  • Risk Management and Control

  • Control Processes

  • Summary

  • Review Questions

 Prerequisites:  MG-101 The Practice of Project Management or equivalent experience


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