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Developing the Program Office
Project Teams in Contemporary Organizations

Duration: 1-day

Target Audience: Mid-senior managers whose organizations are considering establishing a Project Management Office

This course quickly reviews Project Management concepts and trends and discusses why Project Management matters.  It explores various forms of Project Organizations and considers the characteristics, pros and cons of each type.  The afternoon session examines the trends in project management organizations and the capabilities and functions they perform.  Three approaches to starting a PMO are considered, as well as recruiting and staffing it.  A discussion of success factors, barriers and pitfalls completes the course. 


        Understand the various types of project management organizations (PMOs)

        Learn the evolution and recent trends of PMOs

        Understand the advantages and disadvantages of PMOs

        Understand the roles and responsibilities of PMOs

        Evaluate approaches to implementing PMOs

        Learn how to map PMO style and project types for best results

        Learn how to specify the potential value proposition of a PMO


 Project Management Review

        Characteristics of a Project

        Project Phases and Lifecycles

        Project Management Processes

        Why Project Management?

        Project Management Summary

        Trends in Project Management

Project Teams

        The Project Organization Continuum

        Functional Organization

        Projectized/Pure Project Organization

        Pure Matrix Organization

        Balanced Matrix Organization

        Weak Matrix Organization

        Strong Matrix Organization

        Selecting the Right Organizational Structure

The Project Management Office


        Purposes of the PMO

        Establishing the PMO

        Staffing the PMO

        Best Practices for establishing the PMO



Prerequisites:  Familiarity with software project management


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