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Procedures Writing Workshop

Duration: 1-day

Target Audience: Project Managers, SQA and SEPG staff, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts

According to the Software Engineering Institute, "A process that not well understood and articulated cannot be managed or improved".  Understanding can only be achieved by gaining the skills necessary to document, model, and implement procedures.

This workshop improves procedures writing skills through lecture and examples focused on both content and technique. Students will learn that organizational procedures fall into natural hierarchies, and that understanding the hierarchical nature helps in designing efficient documentation. Well-documented procedures are actually composed of many separate assets: the policy, the process, the procedures, the flow diagrams, the standards, the tools, the templates and the examples. 

The workshop's focus is on documenting procedures, examining both textual and graphic techniques. Exercises are used to reinforce tips on technical writing and the three graphic methodologies presented. The focus is on building re-useable procedures which are flexible enough to support exception conditions.

What You Will Learn:
Students will:

  • Understand the benefit an organization derives from up-to-date, documented procedures

  • Learn how to approach procedures documentation in a methodical and efficient manner

  • Become familiar with the vocabulary and nomenclature surrounding organizational procedures

  • Learn the steps and components of a good procedures

  • Practice developing a procedure using a generic template

  • Discuss techniques in making new process introductions successful


Process Overview

  • Introduction to Process

  • Definitions of Process

  • Process Hierarchy

  • Process Example

  • Process Definition Exercise

  • Process in the CMMI

Documenting Procedures

  • Use A Template!

  • The Meta Data

  • Procedure Meta Data Exercise

  • The Procedure

  • Procedure Definition Exercise

  • Reviewing a Procedure

  • Review a Procedure Exercise

Process Modeling

  • IDEFO Modeling

  • ETVX Modeling

  • Hamburger Flow Charts

  • IDEFO and ETVX Procedure Exercise

Implementing a Process  

  • Getting Started with Process Definition

  • Documenting AS IS and TO BE processes

  • Managing a New Process Roll-Out

Prerequisites:  Familiarity with Software Development



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