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Software Development Life Cycles Overview
Overview of Software Development Lifecycle Industry's Best Practices

Duration: 1-day

Target Audience: Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Systems Liaison Staff, Software Quality Assurance staff.

The triple constraints of cost, time, and requirements ultimately conspire to add risk into every project. Matching the needs of the project to the correct Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can greatly influence the chance of success. The purpose of this class is to help the attendee understand the differences between the various SDLC's. It then provides an overview of the major SDLC's, starting with traditional Waterfall and working forward through the history of systems development to today's Agile methods. The features and benefits of each life cycle type are explained relative to project needs, availability of well-formed client requirements, and timing of actual delivery of the software product. The need for discipline in using Agile methods is reinforced. Exercises are used to reinforce the understanding of the differences between the life cycles.

The afternoon session discusses best practices of the activities that should take place during each phase of the SDLC. The quality gate model is introduced along with the concepts of entrance and exit criteria during a project planning discussion. The separate stages of requirements development and the early need for test cases as validation of requirements are discussed. The difference between design and specifications are reviewed. Configuration management's contribution and change control needs are handled with the code/development portion. Post-implementation follow-up and peer review of work products are included in the session as well.

Learning Objectives:
Students will:

  • Understand the various SDLC'sLearn the pros and cons of using the different SDLC's
  • Understand the basic tenets of Agile Development Methods
  • Understand what should happen at each phase of the SDLC
  • Understand how to select the best SDLC for each project


Module 1: Overview of Software Development Challenges

  • Projects, Life Cycles and Process

  • Software Engineering's Track Record

  • Projects in the CMMI

Module 2: Initiating a Project

  • Typical Project Overview 

  • SDLC Definition 

  • Typical Phases and Activities

  • Vision and Scope

  • Feasibility

Module 3: Life Cycle Types

  • Traditional Waterfall 

  • Spiral

  • Incremental

  • Evolutionary

  • Prototype

  • RUP

  • RAD

  • Agile

  • and All The Rest

  • Scope and Scalability

Module 4: The Individual Phases

  • Project Planning

  • Estimation

  • Requirements 

  • Construction

  • Testing

  • Release

  • Post Implementation

Module 5: Some Final Thoughts

  • Outsourcing and the SDLC

  • Choose the Right Life Cycle

  • Focus on Quality

  • Questions and Answers 

Prerequisites:  Familiarity with Software Development Issues


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