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Function-Point Analysis
Function points play a significant role in the management of information systems. Function point analysis is a proven, reliable method for measuring application development work-products. The resulting work-product is expressed in terms of functionality as seen from the user’s perspective. Function point analysis, therefore, is extremely useful in communicating customer needs, measuring productivity and quality, estimating projects, and managing scope changes. (See What are Function Points? For more information.)

Your organization’s needs and objectives may vary depending on the stage of your function point and measurements program. For example, if this is your first experience with function points, then your objective may be to have an overview session on function point analysis and learn how you can integrate it into an overall software measurements program. The end objective for many organizations is often the implementation of a function point-based measurement program where existing software assets and development projects are counted.

Based on your objectives, Our IFPUG-certified analysts can service your function point related needs from a simple function point count or a function point training session, to managing the entire function point program for your organization. The services your organization is interested in can be packaged into a project tailored to provide you with the highest value in the most cost efficient way.

You can choose from any one of the following services to include in your package and scale each service to fit your needs:

Plan & Implement a Function Point Program
SMS can assist your organization in successfully establishing a function point program and integrating it into an overall software measurements program. Our expert consultants will work with you to plan, train, and implement a function point counting, analysis, and reporting process. We will help you:
• Promote the use of function points through training
• Define roles, responsibilities, and the process for conducting function point counts
• Integrate function point counting with your development life cycle
• Identify and select appropriate function point repository and software estimation tools
• Train individuals on conducting function point counts

Function Point Baselines
Having an accurate, complete, and well-documented function point baseline for your applications is an essential first step in establishing a sound function point program, and is necessary for a measurements program to be successful. SMS can help you baseline individual applications or entire portfolios. At no obligation or cost to you, get an estimate of our most efficient and accurate way to baseline one or more of your systems.

Function Point Counting
Function point estimates can be done at early phases of the development life cycle, and actual counts can be done at the completion of the project. Ongoing function point counting for your projects can be either done in-house by trained individuals or outsourced to external organizations. The larger the size of your organization, the more feasible it is to train one or two individuals to count function points for all your projects. If the number of projects is small, it may be more cost effective to outsource the counts than to invest in training people to conduct a limited number of counts per year. If you are interested in comparing both scenarios, we can provide you with a quote of our highly efficient function point counting services for your organization. This could be done for any number of projects or could be designed to include all function point counts at your organization.

For more information, please contact us at info@softwarems.com . For faster response, please include the following information in your e-mail:
• Expected number of applications to be counted
• Expected number of projects per year for all applications
• Estimated size of projects either by staff-months, organization size, or even function points based on historical data

Function Point Consultation
From time to time project teams may surface issues in counting certain types of software functions. We can work with your project teams to resolve these counting issues.

Managing the Function Point Program
If your organization is interested in having the entire function point program managed without any concern on your part, then this service is what you are looking for. This service includes:
• Scheduling function point counts with the teams
• Conducting all function point counts
• Timely and accurate reporting of function point results to the metrics coordinators and other interested parties
• Providing on-going function point training
• Providing function point consultation
• Maintaining the function point counting files

Please contact us to find out if this service is available at your location.

The function point analysts at SMS are certified by the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) and are active members of IFPUG. The experience of our analysts spans different application domains (e.g., marketing, financial, provisioning, telecommunications, and networking); different types of applications (e.g., MIS, imbedded, batch, real-time, conversant, and rule-based); and includes numerous types of technologies (e.g., web-based, client/server, main frame architecture as well as object-oriented, relational, and hierarchical databases).


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