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Reference Cards
If you count function points then you must have a function point reference card that is easy to use. SMS has one of the most comprehensive and easy to use reference cards available in the industry. It is updated to reflect the Counting Practices Manual (CPM) Version 4.2 - Part 1 Rules with an accompanying trifold that summarizes Part 2 of the CPM. The rules reference card is a flip card with clearly marked taps for each section. To order the reference card download, complete and return the order form.

The following is the information included in each of the tabs:

1. Definitions of Terms: definitions of 10 of the most commonly used terms in function points.

2. Counting Procedure:
- Overall Counting Procedure
- Types of FP Counts
- ILF/EIF Counting Procedures
- EI/EO/EQ Counting Procedures

3. Boundary & Calculations:
- Purpose of Count
- Counting Scope
- Application Boundary
- FP Calculations

4. Data Functions (ILF & EIF):
- ILF Definition & Primary Intent
- ILF Counting Rules
- EIF Definition & Primary Intent
- EIF Counting Rules
- DET Counting Rules (ILF & EIF)
- RET Counting Rules (ILF & EIF)
- ILF & EIF Complexity Matrix
- ILF & EIF Weights

5. External Input (EI)
- EI Definition & Primary Intent
- EI Counting Rules
- FTR Counting Rules
- DET Counting Rules
- EI Complexity Matrix
- EI Weights

6. External Output (EO) & Inquiry (EQ)
- EO Definition & Primary Intent
- EQ Definition & Primary Intent
- Shared EO and EQ Counting Rules
- Additional EO Counting Rules
- Additional EQ Counting Rules
- Shared FTR Rules for EOs and EQs
- Additional FTR Rules for EOs
- DET Counting Rules
- EO/EQ Complexity Matrix
- EO and EQ Weights

7. General System Characteristics (GSCs 1-5)

8. General System Characteristics (GSCs 6-10)

9. General System Characteristics (GSCs 11-14)

10. Back cover
- Summary of Functions Performed by EIs/EOs & EQs
- Summary of Processing Logic Used by EIs, EOs & EQs

To order reference cards for you or your organization please download the order form and return to SMS.  

You can also download, for FREE, a file which can be turned into two folding reference cards (one for counting rules and another for General System Characteristics). Simply download the folding FP Reference card, print two-sided it on a card stock paper, and fold it for your use.

CPM Part 1 Reference Card - Front

CPM Part 1 Reference Card - Back

CPM Part 2 Reference Card


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