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Exciting Opportunity

At Software Management Solutions we offer people the ability to be part of a very exciting opportunity. We are focusing our Practices in specific areas, which allows us to service our clients better and provide the best environment for growth to our consultants. These areas are in Quality/SEI CMMIŽ, Software Measurements, Project Management, and Business Analysis. As the company grows more practices will be initiated to service different needs for out clients. Based on our business model we are can provide services to any size company. We provide staff augmentation services and project work in the above disciplines to our clients. We are also positioning ourselves to be our clients Outsourcing Partner. Our business model allows us to deliver a customized solution to our clients because we are specialists in those areas.

Entrepreneurial Atmosphere

We also give our employees the ability to take on an entrepreneurial role within each Business Unit. As they help that Practice grow and flourish they receive substantial bonuses based on that Unit’s profitability. We also build teams by encouraging employees to mentor one another because as the Practice grows so do the opportunities for advancement and financial reward.

Individuality Encouraged

We base the company’s success on the individual success of each associate. We offer everyone real ownership when it comes to their individual Practice. We encourage people that think "Out of the Box". Each Practice acts like it’s own Business Unit. We create an environment where communication flows freely so that the right people are always helping to architect a solution. People have the ability to help grow multi-million dollar Practices and be compensated on their contribution to the company.

Excellence Rewarded

We reward excellence and our mission is to be the Premiere Provider of IT Solutions to our client companies. When companies think of a true Solution Partner we want them to think of Software Management Solutions, Inc. because their people get the job done because of superior talent and attitude. We look for the people that believe that "Your attitude determines your altitude!"

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