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Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) Exam Prep

A key to passing the CFPS Exam

This Course is offered at IFPUG conferences or workshops or at client sites.

Duration: 5.5 hours first day, and 1.5 hours second day

Target Audience: The target audience are Individuals who plan on sitting for the CFPS exam. Participants should meet suggested criteria defined in the CFPS program guide. Training equivalent to a 2-day introductory Function Point workshop and substantial function point counting experience is recommended before sitting for the exam.

Description: This workshop is intended to assist participants in preparing for the Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) exam. The workshop is offered in two parts. The first part consists of a 5 to 5.50 hours of lecture intended to refresh (not train) participants on the fundamentals of counting and applying function points. This portion of the course is structured in the same format as the Counting Practices Manual (CPM) Release 4.2 and will review the content and location of the Function Point fundamentals within the CPM. 

During the 2nd part of this workshop the participants will be asked to take a full sample version of the CFPS exam which will last for 3 hours. The participants are encouraged to time themselves and stick with the schedule to put themselves under the same circumstances as in the real exam. Participants will be given 40 hours during which they can schedule and take the exam at a time that is convenient to them. During that time, participants can send the instructor questions via email. When students are finished with the exam, they will have the opportunity to grade their answers using the answer sheet provided.

A second live online session is scheduled to start 48 hours from the time the first session started and during which the instructor will go over the exam questions and answers and entertain any questions from the participants. 

Participants will receive a copy of the course material used and a CPM reference guide that covers most of the topics relevant to the exam. Participation in this workshop does not guarantee that the student will pass the CFPS exam. This course should not replace normal exam preparation efforts..

Key Topics:


Course Introduction
CPM Part 1 - Process and Rules

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Overview of Function Point Analysis
  • Chapter 3: User View
  • Chapter 4: Determine Type of Count
  • Chapter 5: Identify Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Chapter 6: Count Data Functions
  • Chapter 7: Count Transactional Functions
  • Chapter 8: Determine Value Adjustment Factor
  • Chapter 9: Calculate Adjusted Function Point Count

CPM Part 2 - Counting Practices

  • Chapter 1: Code Data
  • Chapter 2: Logical Files
  • Chapter 3: Shared Data
  • Chapter 4: Enhancement Projects and Maintenance Activities

Final Remarks

Take the Sample CFPS Exam
Review Exam Solutions

Included with this workshop: Participants will receive the course handouts which include the course slides, sample CFPS Exam, additional exam questions, and an additional sample case study. Additionally, students will receive function point reference cards for the class that you can take with you to the CFPS Exam and which include a concise summary of the most important areas in the CMP Part 1 and Part 2. 

Prerequisite: Participants should meet suggested criteria defined in the CFPS program guide. Training equivalent to FP-101 and substantial function point counting experience is recommended before sitting for the exam..

Student Comments:

"I am very thankful that you taught the CFPS Prep class this April. Not only did you supply great up to date reference cards but your approach to this class is the best I've seen and taken. You have a fast pace with sound advice and a common sense content. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the highest, your class, materials, presentation, and manner are all 10! It is the best class of the last three prep classes."
John C. DeDeyn, CFPS

"There are three of us CFPS in our office. We all have taken prep classes before and all agree your study handout was the best."
Clint Smith, CFPS

"Thanks again for the CFPS exam prep course. I did pass the exam, and I know I would not have had I not taken your course beforehand."
Ian Brown, CFPS

"Once again, your prep course has helped me to pass the exam. Thank you very much. . I will recommend your course to my company." 
Frank Glaz, CFPS


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